Put Us in Touch with a School

Since the beginning, we’ve been giving talks to schools that our supporters have connected us with and others that have found us online, wanting to take up our cause. In working with schools, our goal is first to create awareness of the dire need for safe water in West Africa and the plight of women and girls who walk miles to find it. In almost all classrooms and assemblies, students were finding out about this situation for the first time. Their reaction? Shock at first, and then a motivation to do something.

Chadwick School
Franklin Elementary
Ghana International School
Hamilton High School
Iroquois Point Elementary School

Los Angeles Senior High School
Marlborough School
Piedmont Elementary School
Santa Monica College
St. Paul the Apostle
Vistamar School

If You're a Student, You Can

Help Raise Awareness

The more people who know about the need for safe water in West Africa, the better. You can help by educating your friends, family, and community about this important issue. You can also have an impact by bringing this issue to the attention of local, state, and national leaders. You will find plenty of information on our website about the dangers of contaminated water and the difference that access to safe water can make in the lives of the people who benefit from our water projects.

Ideas for Raising Awareness


Prepare a presentation for your class, club, church, or neighborhood


Write a letter to the editor of your school or local newspaper


Put up posters around your school or neighborhood


Write songs, poems, or articles about the issue and get them published in your school newspaper or yearbook


Ask your teacher if you or she could invite someone from Wells Bring Hope to make a presentation


Write a letter to leaders in your community and let them know that this issue is important to you.


Like us on Facebook and post a link to our website on your friends’ walls


Re-tweet our tweets

Help Raise Money

Each well costs $5,600, and while that number might seem huge, every dollar helps. You can aim for one well or “a piece of a well.” One of the fun parts about raising money is coming up with the plan for how you’re going to do it. It’s time to get creative! Put on your “thinking caps” and brainstorm with your friends and classmates.

Ideas for Raising Money


Throw a bake sale or a candy sale, or host an ice cream sundae bar.


Ask a restaurant to give you a piece of their profits for a day.
Some do that—try Shakey’s, Yogurtland and others.


Hold an electronics recycling drive at your school.


Put on a concert, a play, a talent show, or another type of entertainment for your community.


Hold a change drive.


Sell one-day uniform passes.


Organize a race/walk or a dance-a-thon.


Set up a weekend car wash.


Convince a teacher or administrator to agree to do something crazy like shave his head or agree to be in a dunk tank if you raise a set amount of money.


Start a school delivery service where students pay to have flowers, balloons, or candy delivered to their friends during the school day. This works particularly well during holidays; think Halloween candy, candy canes, or roses for Valentine’s Day.


Recruit sponsors and hold a raffle for items donated by people in your community.


Organize a community yard sale, or see if your school has any old P.E. equipment and hold a gym sale.

For Parents & Teachers

A complete education is one that helps students to develop a social conscience and an empowering belief in their own ability to effect change.

Wells Bring Hope can help you to connect classroom curriculum with real world issues relating to geography, ecology, sociology, health, human rights, education, social justice, and gender roles in rural society.

If you are in Southern California, we can provide you with a speaker. Either founder Barbara Goldberg or Gil Garcetti, the inspiration for the creation of Wells Bring Hope, can customize a presentation of any length and show a DVD or photos of the people of Niger to introduce this topic to the budding activists at your school.

For more information, contact: Kate@wellsbringhope.org.


When I was in seventh grade, Gil Garcetti came to talk to us about Wells Bring Hope and the work it is doing to bring safe water to villages in Niger, West Africa. It inspired me because of the life changing impact that a well brings to a village and the way that clean water improves the mortality and health of all the people in the village. I was also moved by how the well changed the lives of girls in the villages who could now go to school rather than spend their days carrying water for miles and miles.
Kate Mc Evilly, Chadwick School, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Young people today understand the meaning of a global community. The Los Angeles Senior High School Water Circle was founded by students as a way to mobilize youth for the betterment of the rural villages of Niger. Our goal is to raise enough funds to drill one well by June 2012. Going from classroom to classroom, school to school, and home to home, our Water Circle aims to keep our community aware of the conditions facing one of the three poorest countries in the world.
Dennis Ojogho, Los Angeles Senior High School

We, as a council and a school, realized that the basic necessity of water was something we always took for granted.  Once we met with Barbara and heard about the aid that Wells Bring Hope provides in Niger, the council knew that the water crisis that plagues so many people is a cause that we could not ignore.
Marlborough School, Los Angeles

It is organizations like Key Club and Wells Bring Hope that are the seeds for bigger things-- movements where people will begin to understand that there is so much good to do for the world and together we will nourish this movement.
Key Club of Hamilton High School, Los Angeles

Whether you are raising awareness or raising money, never underestimate the power you have to make a difference!