About Us

Why Safe Water?

“No other humanitarian intervention produces a more dramatic effect on life than access to safe water and sanitation”
- The World Health Organization (WHO)

When clean water flows from a well, when it gushes out from the womb of the earth, it makes new life possible and brings hope to those who have labored so long without it.

“Water is the source of all life-without it, we die. It is a basic human right of everyone on the planet.”
Jan Zahler Lebow

Unsafe Water: A Life-Threatening Problem
with a Simple Solution

Drill a well: It saves lives and gives hope for the future.

From 2008, when we started, to 2011,
this is what happened in areas where we work:

Niger is the poorest country in the world.
Tied with Democratic Republic of Congo for last place on the 2012 UN Human Development Index.

Safe Water Chart Needed in Niger: 11,000 more wells.
The government is able to provide roughly 10% of that, so nonprofits like us need to help.

Why We Donated

Having interviewed and photographed women and girls all over Africa, I've witnessed firsthand the insurmountable health and education problems that result when families lack pure water. Young girls and women told me they started at 4:30AM to avoid the heat, walking quietly in the dark to avoid enraging the hippos, and returning home seven hours later. Families trade off education to avoid starvation. Wells Bring Hope improves life dramatically, instantly and permanently. It is an honor to contribute to this important project.
- Paola Gianturco, Mill Valley, CA

My family wanted to do something very special to commemorate and celebrate my mother’s life. When I heard about Wells Bring Hope-its commitment to providing clean, bacteria-free water to villages so desperately in need of it, I knew I had found the perfect fit. I briefly considered making a smaller donation but quickly decided that I wanted it to be one entire well in my mother’s honor. This was not only a life-changing event for the people of Garin Nissa-it is a life-changing gift of joy to me.
–Sandy Rosenfeld, Philadelphia, PA

As a mother and grandmother, I was deeply moved when I learned that women of Niger lost their children to waterborne illnesses, had to fetch and give contaminated water to their families, and could not go to school. What could I do to help these women? How could I do nothing? When I found out that a well could be drilled in a village, and that it could change lives, I knew that I had to be part of that effort. My donations to Wells Bring Hope have given me great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped to save lives and improve the future for women in Niger. What a wonderful feeling!
–Lili Penkower, PH.D, Los Angeles, CA

If we can give children and women health, education, opportunity, and hope, the percussions resonate throughout the world. We no longer live in a vacuum, i.e., we are global, we are connected. Drilling wells is caring about people in need of a basic human right. My donation shows I care.
–Evelyn Wilson, Los Angeles, CA

Without the burden of traveling for miles every day for survival, women and girls can put their energy toward improving their lives. They can not only survive, they can thrive. So much can be accomplished for so little.
–Bernice Bratter, Los Angeles, CA

A year after I started working on this project, I am resolved to work even harder at raising awareness and funds for Wells Bring Hope. Safe water ultimately gives the families of rural Niger a healthier life, and opens opportunities for women and girls never before available to them. I love it!
–Karola Kristina Rietz, Los Angeles, CA