Gifts that Keep on Giving

Give a Well In Honor of a Loved One

What better gift can you give on behalf of someone you care about, someone whose life you want to honor? When you know that a well will be one of the most important, if not the most important gift that people will receive in their entire lives, doesn't that seem like a very memorable thing to do?

We can dedicate the well to your loved one, offer information on the village, it's people. We can give the chief of the village a picture of your loved one and something you've written and that will be cherished for generations to come. As Gil Garcetti has said "If your children or grandchildren visit in twenty or thirty years, what you have presented will still be there among their treasured possessions."

Sandy Rosenfeld of Philadelphia, who donated one well had this to say:

My family wanted to do something very special to commemorate and celebrate my mother's life. When I heard about Wells Bring Hope - its commitment to providing clean, bacteria-free water to villages so desperately in need of it, I knew I had found the perfect fit. This was not only a life-changing event for the people of Garin Nissa-it was a life-changing gift of joy to me.

Give a Piece of a Well with a Donation Certificate

Are you tired of shopping for "that perfect gift?" At a loss for ideas? Give a "piece of a well" for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, life passage, any occasion.

Give someone a truly meaningful gift that conveys your social consciousness, what you're doing to help make the world a better place.

It's the perfect gift for today's socially conscious kids who love supporting causes that have a serious impact on people's lives, and international causes because young people today are global citizens.

For a donation of $20 or more, you can customize a Donation Certificate for your loved one with their name and occasion (amount will not be specified).

Gil Garcetti's Book, Water is Key

Contains eighty compelling black-and-white photographs that illustrate the immediate need for safe water in West Africa and the dramatic results that are achieved when a well is drilled.

With messages from Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Steven M. Hilton, Chairman, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Yours with a donation
of $100 or more

Wells Bring Hope Necklace

Specially created for Wells Bring Hope, it's a great conversation piece, an opening to tell people about Wells Bring Hope and a nice way to ask your friends to be part of our cause. Just send them to this website.

An elegant, simple, design, a style that goes with almost everything, from a T-shirt to a little black dress, the necklace is perfect for travel! Material for the necklace has been generously donated by WBH's corporate sponsor, Watts Water Technologies.

As a gift for friends, it is giving them something more than just a unique look. It communicates your generosity of spirit. With this necklace they will know they're helping to support people in need across the globe

Yours with a donation
of $50 or more

Included in the gold organza bag is a postcard of a Nigerien woman and these words on the back:

This necklace symbolizes the power of women to...

Be flexible... to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of their loved ones.
Have a vision... the clarity of this necklace symbolizes the ability of women to look to the future, to move ahead with a clear purpose, to never lose sight of what is possible, even in the darkest hours.
Be strong... the solid metal is a reflection of our strength and connection to each other, giving sustenance in time of need.
LINK to a never-ending chain of sisterhood that strives for the best in all of us.